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Repair to Electrical Systems and Rewire

Damage to electrical to systems often occurs over time but this can usually be remedied quickly and at a relatively low cost, for example replacing broken switches or cracked power sockets. If your circuit breaker or RCD (residual current device) keeps tripping in your fuseboard, leaving you suddenly without power, this could be a indication of an underlying problem. We can test your system, identifying the causes of nuisance tripping and then take appropriate action to rectify the problem.

If your electrical system is discovered to be unsafe and a rewire is required, make the most of this oppotunity and ensure you have plenty of sockets and lighting and switches exactly where you need them. CDT Electrical Serviced Limited are happy to give no obligation free quotations for that you require.

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This list reflects the services that we are most commonly approached about for domestic and commercial applications; it is by no means exhaustive. If you have a project you would like to speak to a reliable electrician about that doesn't appear here, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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New Building or Extension Installation

We can undertake a full electrical installation within your new property covering all the usual lighting, power outlets, etc., installed and certified in compliance with all building regulations. Other items can be integrated into the property, including security alarms, CCTV, fire detection, home automation, computer networks, telephone points, television and satellite distribution systems.

Electrical Condition Report

All properties require periodic inspection and testing, and the period of time between these inspections varies depending on the use of the property - for example, domestic or commerical. In certain circumstances, after damage or flooding for instance, your property may require an inspection before the recommended period of time has elapsed. After inspection and testing, you will be given an Electrical Conditon Report on the condition of the property's electrical system, accompanied by any observations and recommendations for improving the system, if required.

We are also happy to provide a low-cost visual-only inspection of any property, complete with a report. This inspection is ideal for those considering the purchase of new property. Such buyers may wish to identify any existing or potential problems with the electrical system before agreeing a sale, helping to avoid surprise costs later on.

Did you know?

Electrical Condition Reporting is also known as Periodic Inspection Testing.

New Circuits

There are many reasons to install new circuits into your property, including shower circuits for the installation of new electrical showers, power supplies to outbuildings and garages and more. Simply inform us of your requirements and we will be happy to give free no-obligation quotations.

Additions to Existing Circuits

Around your property there are several ways we can help you to improve your safety. For instance, instead of using 'stacked' adapter plugs which increase the risk of fire, we can install additional wall sockets. We can also install additional lighting, CCTV or mains-powered smoke detectors or alarms (with battery back up in case of power failure), helping you to take steps towards a safer home. All additions to circuits will be covered by a Minor Electrical Works Certificate and in domestic properties, the relevant authorities will be notified of work where appropriate to comply with Part P of the building regulations.

Replacement and Upgrades to Consumer Units

By far the best way to improve your property's electrical safety is to replace or upgrade the consumer units to meet the requirements of the latest British Standard for Electrical Wiring (17th edition BS7671:2008). We test all circuits connected to the new consumer unit to ensure that they also comply with the current standards and a full electrical installation certificate is issued upon completion. In some properties, only small upgrades may be necessary in order for the system to comply with the latest standards. The relevant authorities will be notified.

Did you know?

Consumer units are more commonly referred to as fuse boards.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing)

If you run a business, you are required to have your portable electrical appliances tested - known as PAT Testing. The same frequency of testing is not demanded for all items and with this in mind we can establish a programme of testing which meets the legislation requirements and maximises your productivity, without affecting safety or increasing the financial costs of compliance.

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